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Jiffy Pellet pilot project update

Things have been really busy in Limay as our project technicians are busy with the planting season! We’d like to share some of the outcomes of our Jiffy Pellet pilot project so far.

In the past few months the Taking Root team has recognized that the time required for our project technicians to check-up on all of our decentralized nurseries is immense! In addition, the amount of gas consumed by their motorcycles is really adding up. So, while the current plastic seedling bags are very affordable per unit, they are not easy to transport. This means that the cost of visiting and maintaining these many small nurseries potentially negates any savings from using these seedling bags.

The Jiffy Pellets, on the other hand, are much easier to transport and could make larger, centralized nurseries much more feasible. While they are more costly, this shift in practices could significantly cut down on the time and energy required to move seedlings to the plantation sites.

Above are a few photos of the Jiffy Pellets, showing the growth of the seedlings. We’ll share more updates as the planting season moves forward!

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