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Celebrating 5 Years of Being CO2 Responsible

CO2 Responsible carbon offsetting program
The CO2 Responsible seal represents participants in Taking Root’s flagship carbon offsetting program.

Santropol, a leading Montreal-based organic and fair trade certified coffee roaster, is celebrating 5 years of being CO2 Responsible. CO2 Responsible is Taking Root’s flagship program that helps companies take responsibility for their carbon footprint. The CO2 Responsible seal on Santropol’s packaging represents their commitment to the environment; they have gone through a rigorous evaluation process to identify carbon emissions associated with their operations and offset those activities by supporting our tree-planting program in Nicaragua. For Santropol, working with Taking Root was a natural fit. Santropol provides more than high quality, fair trade coffee. Their mission to serve coffee with a higher purpose is deeply rooted in respect for people and the environment. The certified offsets offered through Taking Root’s CO2 Responsible program help build the framework for strong relationships with the farming communities taking part in the project. It is the profound respect that each of the two organizations have for the people they work with that created a solid foundation for a lasting partnership.

The impact of becoming CO2 Responsible was felt immediately with their first carbon quantification report, which provided Santropol with some important insights. “Once you start analyzing your emissions, you become naturally inclined to reduce them” said Dario Iezzoni, director of marketing and sales at Santropol. Now equipped with reliable data, Santropol began to make informed decisions on how to reduce their emissions while still focusing on their core business. Any remaining emissions are addressed by carbon offsets.

Choosing the right partnerships that create amazing impacts is key to any successful sustainability platform. “Taking Root offers an easy solution with high end carbon offsets that address the key drivers of environmental degradation.”

Santropol is responsible for planting over 3,000 trees!  See more about their environmental impacts on their Partner Profile.

We salute Santropol for their continued commitment to people and the planet!

Santropol CO2 Responsible Taking Root CO2 Responsible


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