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Four Reasons Behind Taking Root’s Most Successful Planting Season

Our co-founder, Kahlil Baker spent the past three weeks in Nicaragua witnessing the most successful planting season in Taking Root’s history. Below, Kahlil highlights four reasons leading to this outcome.

1. Number of New Families Joined

One of the biggest reasons behind the success of this season was the large number of new families who joined the project. This year, over 120 families from three regions of Nicaragua chose to begin afforesting the under-utilized portions of their farms and learn about agroforestry and sustainable forest management through Taking Root’s programs. This growth in family partners occurred in part to the success of carbon offset sales that made funding available to new farmers. In addition, we began working in a new region – San Juan de Rio Coco – and there were many eager farmers ready to join. We are very grateful for this increase as this has lead to the following reason behind the success of this planting season.


2. Increases in Land Reforested and Trees Planted

Second, the land reforested and number of trees planted increased similarly with the number of new families that joined on to the program. This year, we reforested over 400 hectares of new land with over 600,000 trees of a variety of native species. This is equivalent to over 560 soccer fields of land reforested!

3. Impact of Money to Communities

Third, this year there has been more money funnelled to communities than ever before. This year, farmers have received US $425,000 in payments for ecosystem services. Compared to last year, where we made $118,035 in payments, this is an incremental increase of 360%. In a region where most live off of $2/day, this makes a large difference and has an incredible impact.

4. Increases in Effective Planting Quality

The fourth and final reason contributing toour success this planting season was the
overall planting quality. This year, we developed planting-season-updatemanagement maps that leverage our tree monitoring data. This helps project staff visualize the plantations’ overall performance while segmenting the farm into smaller regions. An example of the mapping is featured here. These management maps allow community technicians and their managers to better prioritize where to spend their efforts within the farm. The results have been staggering.

The Taking Root team is proud of these achievements, but recognizes that none of this would have been possible without the continued support of our partners from around the world. For that, we are continuously grateful.

Thank you, merci, gracias, danke, tack


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