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Taking Root Selected as a Finalist for Katerva Award

katerva award

Taking Root has been selected as a finalist for the Katerva Award in the Economy category for a sustainable and disruptive innovation.

katerva awardKaterva was designed to unite people and technology that were paramount to catalyzing and supporting scalable sustainable innovations. The Katerva Award is said to be the pinnacle of global sustainability recognition. From behaviour change to materials and resources, the Katerva Award program covers a wide range of sustainable innovations that have the potential to achieve greater global wealth and human well being while reducing our impact on the planet. The mission of Katerva is to find, evaluate and accelerate disruptive sustainable innovations from around the world. Through this award process, ideas are identified, refined and accelerated toward impact for a global level.

There is no precise definition for sustainable innovation, but it is about commercialization of technologies, products and services and about entrepreneurship. Innovation can be about the adoption of new processes and systems at societal level. Sustainable innovation is a process where sustainability considerations (environmental, social, financial) are integrated into company systems from idea generation through to research and development (R&D) and commercialization. This applies to products, services and technologies, as well as new business and organization models.

Taking Root was selected for the Communitree program and through the process has highlighted the recently built custom, cloud-based mobile technology that drastically lowers production costs while increasing the price, productivity and facilitates market linkages to the multiple values produced by trees. When it’s profitable for farmers to grow trees, they work to increase their incomes by planting more trees. In turn, these trees remove carbon from the atmosphere, create wildlife habitat and help regulate the hydrological cycle.

We are honoured to be selected as a finalist for the Katerva award. Their global team of experts will assess the category finalists over the coming weeks and determine the category winners, which we hope to be a part of!

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