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Taking Root Wood Crafts now on shelves in Vancouver’s Beyond Bread

Taking Root Wood Crafts

Taking Root is very proud to announce that our very own wood crafts are now available in local Vancouver retailer Beyond Bread. From serving boards to serving spoons, these crafts are made of trees sustainably harvested from Taking Root’s reforestation program. The most important part of this achievement is that the sale of these crafts means that farmers living on less than $2/day can now earn an additional income from growing trees.

taking root wood crafts at beyond bread
Taking Root’s Kahlil Baker with Beyond Bread’s Sean King.

These beautiful wood crafts not only extend the amount of time the carbon captured in the wood stays outside of the atmosphere, they also creates local employment, and sustainable economic development in the rural communities where we are active.

Eventually – all trees reach the end of their life cycle – either by maturing or because some trees need to be thinned out so that others can reach their full potential. If these trees decay on the ground or get burned for fuel, the sequestered carbon is returned to the atmosphere – which defeats one of our main program objectives. The wood crafts represent the final destination for the carbon pulled out of the air by the trees grown in our reforestation program. Approximately 0.75KG of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and stored in each serving platter.

These wood crafts are fabricated at Taking Root’s wood processing shop in Nicaragua using a combination of trees from Taking Root’s reforestation program and discarded wood from less efficient sawmills in the region. The most common species in the wood crafts is caesalpinia velutina, which is the primary tree species that we plant in our reforestation program. This wood has a very distinctive golden colour to it, which gives the wood crafts the unique look that they have.

This past October, Jim Tai and Sean King, from Beyond Bread, a local Vancouver café that produces bread, pastries, bites and brew in house, traveled to Nicaragua to visit and learn more about Taking Root’s reforestation program. According to Jim Tai

“What Kahlil and the Taking Root team are doing is truly remarkable. This non-profit organization does an amazing job of fostering environmental stewardship while also providing farmers with much needed financial support. Our involvement is a rewarding partnership using business to affect positive change in something we value. I encourage you to learn more about this unique project and share the Taking Root story with others.”

A selection of our handmade and unique wood crafts will now be available at Beyond Bread. Their mission is to maintain quality and freshness while keeping their business tied closely to the community. With this community focus, they support local crafts and artisan in the retail section of their café including Taking Root.

If you are interested in purchasing some of these wood crafts, please go to Beyond Bread – located at 3686 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC


Taking Root wood crafts


Care Instructions

Depending on how often you use your boards and wooden spoons, maintaining their surface is important for longevity of the craft.

  1. Start with clean and dry wood crafts
  2. Apply food grad oil using a clean cloth or paper towel on the wood evenly
  3. Let the oil soak in
  4. Remove any excess oil

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