About Us

Taking Root is a pioneer in leveraging the forest carbon offset industry to promote economic development amongst smallholder farmers in Central America.

As a not for profit, our mission is to use reforestation as a tool to mitigate climate change, restore ecosystems and improve livelihoods. This is achieved by encouraging smallholder-farming families to reforest the under-utilized parts of their farms using native tree species in exchange for direct payments over time as the trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere. These carbon sequestration services are then marketed and sold directly within Canada and through channel partnerships in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, England, the USA and Spain.


Organizational Timeline

2015 to Present 

  • Brianna LePiane joins the Taking Root team as Marketing and Communications Officer



  • Partnership is formed with the Inter-American Development Bank
  • Operations are scaled-up to the municipality of Somoto, Nicaragua
  • Taking Root co-develops community carbon project with CRS in Guatemala to support Mayan mothers with child nutrition


  • 1,000,000+ trees planted!
  • Executive Director and Co-founder Kahlil Baker wins prestigious Canada World Youth Award for Taking Root’s work
  • Partnership with CeroCO2 from Spain is formed




  • Partnerships with COTAP in the USA and Tree-Nation in Spain is formed!
  • Taking Root celebrates its 5th birthday!
  • Taking Root forms partnership with CRS to develop community carbon projects in various countries in Central America.


2011 2011-2


  • Partnerships are formed with ZeroMission in Sweden, MyClimate in Switzerland
  • Taking Root receives its official status as certified under the Plan Vivo  





  • Partnerships are formed with CLEVEL in England
  • Taking Root had its first planting for the voluntary carbon market and formed its first official Board of Directors.




  • Taking Root gets its start in the carbon market world. Prima Klima from Germany believed in our mission and team and supported the project prior to obtaining certification as a carbon offset project developer.



  • The first planting season in Nicaragua took place when the four founders travelled together to meet with local partners and participants and gain a strong sense of purpose and vision.
  • The team then began to work with local cegep and university students in Montreal to promote and fundraise for sustainable reforestation in Nicaragua. Through occasional open forums, fundraisers, presentations, and a lot of networking, its support base grew and new partnerships and initiatives arose.



  • Four young individuals with a common passion for the environment and social development founded the organization. Their initial idea was very simple – plant trees to strengthen communities! Over time the group solidified the organization’s mission, and Taking Root as we know it was formed.
  • Partnership with Elvin Castellon is formed: Elvin represents Taking Root in Nicaraguan


From top left to right: Co-founder Kahlil Baker, Co-founder Samuel Gervais, Co-founder Laura Howard, Co-founder Elvin Castellon
From bottom left to right: Film-maker Elijah Baker, Co-founder Brooke van Mossel-Forrester