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The platform that empowers farmers to grow more trees

Low yields, low prices

Smallholder farmers are only half as productive as their industrial counterparts and receive lower prices for the same products. This is because their production volumes are so small that service providers can only to do business with them by charging very high prices. In many cases, the prices are so high that farmers have to do without these valuable services.

This affects everything from access to the capital necessary to invest in their farms, technical know-how to improve productivity, and marketing costs to reduce the need for expensive intermediaries.

This is why we created Farm-Trace

Farm-Trace essentially automates numerous complex tasks that normally require the use of experts to do two things:

  1. It boosts yields by providing precision management recommendations when and where they are most needed.
  2. It strengthens smallholders’ marketing power by connecting them with buyers.

How Farm-Trace works

Farm-Trace automatically combines and analyzes satellite imagery, global environmental databases, field observations and behavioural insights to track production and make management recommendations. Given the proliferation of cloud computing and smartphones, even in developing countries, it can process complex information to extract simple insights tailored to the needs of different users. These insights can be used by:

  1. Field staff to precisely target the most problematic regions of the most problematic farms,
  2. Managers to learn about the cost effectiveness of different interventions,
  3. Financiers to evaluate the risk of different investments,
  4. Buyers to learn about the availability of different products and to evaluate their environmental and social impacts

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