Becoming a sustainable business means taking responsibility

Become CO2 Responsible

What Does CO2 Responsible Mean?

The CO2 Responsible seal represents businesses that have taken responsibility for their CO2 emissions by offsetting them through our reforestation program that creates long-term income opportunities in some of the poorest parts of the world.

When you buy a CO2 Responsible product, you are supporting much more than a business that takes accountability for their environmental impact; you are helping farmers in low-income countries plant trees on their land resulting in their livelihoods becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change.  The result of our partnership is felt on a grassroots community level by providing income opportunities and real tools to tackle climate change.


Carbon Footprint Calculator

If you are a small business, we have a free Small Business Calculator that provides a quick estimate of your carbon footprint and converts it into the number of trees required to sequester an equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

For larger businesses, contact us so that we can develop a tailored approach or contact our friends at Climate Smart for detailed carbon footprinting and a customized carbon reduction plan. To learn more about your carbon footprint and tips on how to reduce it, visit our resource page.

If your small business is more complicated than most, we will be in touch to provide you a more customize approach. Always take action to reduce your carbon emissions as much as possible. Visit our resource page for tips or contact our friends at Climate Smart for detailed carbon footprinting and a customized carbon reduction plan.

Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint

You can become CO2 Responsible by sponsoring the recommended number of trees that will offset your estimated carbon footprint. The trees you sponsor will sequester more carbon from the atmosphere than what you have emitted AND improve the livelihoods of farmers who are most impacted by climate change. You will receive a CO2 Responsible certificate and a logo to put on your website and add to your marketing material. Take the next step and become and elite CO2 Responsible partner. Taking Root will create an online profile of your organization!

What You Get

CO2 Responsible is a turnkey marketing program for businesses offsetting their carbon footprint with us. Every CO2 Responsible partner receives:


1. Certified Carbon Offsets

Once we have calculated your carbon footprint in a Quantification Report, you are ready to reduce and offset your carbon emissions.

Our Plan Vivo certified offsets are rooted in helping people and the planet.  Our reforestation program in Nicaragua employs hundreds of farmers in those communities most impacted by climate change.  Have a look at our impact to see just how far your offsets will go.


2. CO2 Responsible Seal

You have earned your seal!

You will receive the CO2 Responsible seal that helps you communicate your commitment to the environment to you customers. In fact, 52% of consumers check product packaging to ensure sustainable impact1. Becoming CO2 Responsible provides you with a competitive edge in todays’ market.


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3. Quarterly Marketing Materials

You will be sent quarterly marketing material including high resolution photos, the latest news stories and a social media kit. The media is for you to use in anyway you see fit to communicate your environmental platform to your customers.

As a CO2 Responsible Partner, your needs are important to us.  Our marketing and communications team is always looking for feedback and new ways to help you.  Once you have become CO2 Responsible, we will work with you to make sure you have the materials you need to share your story.




4. Gold Membership – Carbon Footprint Quantification Report

We provide you with a detailed report outlining where your carbon emissions come from. The report allows you to make informed decisions about how to reduce your environmental impact that are right for your business.

We will help you determine the scope of operations to be taken into account.  We work with you to collect as much data as necessary and available to produce a report that is as accurate as possible.

Our approach to is inspired by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. This is the most widely accepted methodology for conducting corporate carbon footprint.

Looking to offset the emission of a single trip or event rather than your entire operation?  Try our calculator.

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5. Gold Membership – Online Profile

As a CO2 Responsible partner you will be provided with a personalized profile on our partners page.  Taking accountability for your carbon emissions is something your customers and stakeholders will want to know about.

Creditability and transparency are key for your environmental platform. As a certified not-for-profit and a recognize leader in the industry we are pleased to host your carbon offsetting work with us on our website. This lets your customers know you are working with a 3rd party with experience in calculating and offsetting carbon emissions.

How much does it cost?

For small businesses, all services are free and the only cost is for buying the carbon offsets. Get started today with our Small Business Calculator

Interested in a Gold Membership? Get in touch with us.